Punched In The Podcast # 13

We have a very interesting and versatile podcast. C.V.T and Big Mike host a great show, This podcast we have guest “No One”. In this podcast we discuss: “Crazy Californian Woman aka New Lorena Bobbit 2.0, Netflix 60% Price Hike, Marijuana Legalized?, Native American Loan Service Scam, A-ROD talk, We congratulate Derek Jeter and Robinson Cano, Google+, Best Microwave food, Politics Controversy Truth, Texas 16 Pound Baby, Flying Car, Dave Chappelle Show Memories, Female Opinion Section, Salad Tossing Trend, Best Head according to No One, Russian Robber, Casa de mi Padre verbal trailer”. Like always check out our website www.PunchedinthePodcast.com and like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (Punched_Podcast). WE GIVE AWAY FREE GIFT CARDS, SO FOLLOW US!

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