Punched In The Podcast # 14


Reggea Freestyle Podcast

WARNING: YOU MUST BE DRUNK OR HIGH TO ENJOY THIS PODCAST. This is a SPECIAL PODCAST for the fans making podcast # 7 such a big hit. Hosting this podcast is C.V.T & Skematics and returning is Richie Ta’Rebatao. This is also known as the Freestyle Podcast! Tribute to our highest listened podcast # 7, in this podcast we discuss ball wedgie, hairy nipples story, Date Rape?, Pear Nectar Mix?, Space Sluts! No Gravity Sex vs Gravity sex, Legal Real Rape Advice (not really), How to Avoid Child Support payments! Bianca gets interviewed!, Also, we finally interview the official Peanut Ta’Rebatao. PunchedinthePodcast.com Killing Boredom one podcast at a time. Share with your friends!

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