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Unlike most podcasts out there, Punched in the Podcast has decided to be a solely listener supported podcast. This means that the listeners contribute to the show both financially and through volunteerism. If you feel you are getting value from this show, please help us by becoming a supporter and passing the word.

Easiest way to support

Click below to do a one time donation or a monthly recurring one.

Since most people do not donate, I work for a living and do this podcast on the side.

One-Time or Monthly Recurring Donation

To make a ONE-TIME contribution of any amount please click here. Donors contributing $50 and above will get a special mention on the show. Donors of $200 or more will automatically become executive or associate executive producers. Anyone donating $49.99 or less will automatically remain anonymous. Also any amount will remain anonymous upon request.

Off The Grid

Contact us and we will email you the PO Box.

Inspired by the No Agenda Podcast – Value for Value Model